Dessert + Drink Event Menu

Minimum of 35 people. Must pay for a minimum number of people in party.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven.
$1.09 each

 Campfire classics
An assortment of homemade brownies, hot s’mores, warm chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispies. Served family or buffet style.
$5 per person (35 person minimum)

Chocolate mousse parfait
Rich, creamy chocolate mousse layered with whipped cream and topped with a strawberry.
$5 each

Apple dumpling
A whole apple baked in a delicate pastry, topped with a cinnamon, caramel sauce. Served with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream.
$5 each

Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Fresh strawberries hand dipped in chocolate.
$2.50 each (35 person minimum)

Porcupine mountain sundae
French vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, fudge brownie, Spanish peanuts, pretzel quills and hot fudge.
$6 each

Asti Spumante and orange juice served in a champagne glass. Serves 8-10 people.

Mini Marys
Served in a rocks glass.
$5 per glass