Make Camp Ticonderoga your home away from home when it comes to celebrating traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother's Day or Father's Day. We offer a special menu developed and prepared specifically for each holiday. We've become a very popular alternative to dining at home on these traditional holidays, and you are strongly urged to make your reservations as early as possible, as nearly every above-mentioned holiday is a sell out (particularly for the more popular times).

For some sample event menus, please contact a manager at 248-828-2825.

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Birthdays happen every year, whether we want them or not (unless you're taking a long dirt nap, and then it doesn't matter anyway). There's no better place to celebrate than Camp ti. We solemnly swear that none of our staff will sing happy birthday and bounce around clapping their hands and making idiots of themselves and our establishment. Because lets face it, our servers can't sing, and no one wants to be embarrassed, least of all the birthday person. What we will do, is make sure everyone has a great time, and that the birthday person receives a sparkler (that they don't blow out) lit plate of our homemade chocolate cookies.back to the top