We'd like to think that working at Camp Ti is more than a job, more than a free employee meal, more than a free shift drink, more than our infamous employee events, more than a chance for promotions and advancement. We'd like to think of working at Ticonderoga as a place where hard work is recognized and rewarded. Where honesty and loyalty and respect are part of what we're all about. Where you can make fat cash and still have fun. And most of all, working at Camp Ticonderoga means you'll never have to wear stupid uniforms with buttons on them, or ever have to sing Happy Birthday to your customers.

If you'd like to work at Camp Ti (or any of our other restaurants), simply go to the restaurant you'd like to work at, ask either the bartender or server for a job application, fill it out, and a manager take it from there.


As you'd expect, there are a variety of different jobs at Camp Ticonderoga, including hosting, food expediting, servers, bartenders, back-of-house, cooks, and managers. We typically promote from within, and believe that that rewards hard work, loyalty and good performance. We pay competitively and have very low turnover (we still have a number of people who have worked for us since we opened in 1996).
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Lets face it, the main reason someone works somewhere is because they are making the kind of money they need to make. Beyond that, however, there are additional reasons why someone works where they do. At Camp (and all of our restaurants) those additional reasons include having a free shift meal, a free shift drink (must be 21), free soft drinks, and the opportunity to attend our many, legendary, employee events.

CEDAR POINT TRIP - Every summer in July, we rent two Greyhound buses and any employee who wants to go, to Cedar Point for the day. Whether you like the roller coasters or prefer the spin-'n-puke rides, or simply find carnies strangely attractive, this employee event appeals to everyone. It starts with beer and Krispy Kreme donuts on the bus, followed by a full day at Cedar Point (some people just spend the whole time at Soak City) then when the park closes, its back home to reality. This is a four unit event, and a great chance to meet people who work at our other restaurants (i.e. extra hook up potential).

DETROIT TIGER GAME - Usually in early June, we make our annual sojourn to downtown Detroit and a Tiger baseball game. We combine our Oakland Country restaurant employees (The Moose Preserve and Camp Ticonderoga) for one game, and then our Wayne County restaurant employees (Deadwood Bar & Grill) for a different game. Again, anyone wanting to go, jumps on the Greyhound bus we commandeer, and braves the drive downtown. With a quick visit to Nemo's before the game for liquid refreshments (and a much needed bathroom break) it's then off to the game. Whether the Tigers win (unlikely) or lose, everyone has a terrific time. In the many years we've had this employee event, we've only had two employees arrested, one left behind, and at one game, the Beaver Creek crew were featured on the JumboTron Big Screen ... but unfortunately flashing was involved and that didn't last long. Nonetheless, this is quite an employee event.

EMPLOYEE ANNIVERSARY PARTY - In the ever-challenging restaurant business, we believe that every successful year in business is worth celebrating. Thus, we not only have an Anniversary Party for our customers, but we also have one for those employees who have worked for us for more than a couple of years. While every year the event is a little different, in the past we've gone out to dinner (last year it was to Mongolian BBQ in Royal Oak) then off to a night of Bowling and cocktails. In the past we've played whirly ball, laser tag, and even paintball.

EMPLOYEE HAY RIDE - In the late fall, we again have a joint employee event (Moose and Camp employees at one Hay Ride, Deadwood and Creek employees at another) that features horseback riding, a hay ride (that resembles more of a WWF match than a "sing-a-long" hay ride) and, of course, a weenie roast. Unfortunately in the past there have been such ad hoc activities like "flaming marshmallow tag" or "bonfire jumping contests" but the resulting fun more than overshadows the potential for disaster and personal injury.

EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS PARTY - This is the mother of all employee events. Held every year the first week in January (we're simply too busy during December to shut down for a night) we close all of our restaurants for the night, and have a giant combined Employee Christmas Party that is hosted, and worked, by the owners and managers. This party, which has more than 200 employees attending, is held at Camp Ticonderoga (we provide bus transportation for those employees who work at the other restaurants). This is a formal party - which is a great excuse to get dressed up - with a full sit-down dinner, open bar, entertainment and dancing. Always the highlight of the year, everyone looks forward to this event.
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The Great American Grubslingers, The Moose Preserve, The Iroquois Club, Camp Ticonderoga, Deadwood and The White Horse are all equal opportunity employers, and do not discriminate in our hiring practices. Every server of alcoholic beverages is TIPS-trained (at our expense) and we take customer service, responsible consumption of alcohol and community responsibility very seriously. We've been in business since 1986 and have been able to do so, largely because of the talents, responsibility and reliability of our employees.back to the top