At Camp Ticonderoga the drink possibilities are endless. From ice-cold draft beer to classic martinis to single-malt scotches, to small-batch bourbons to make-your-head-pivot-360-degrees margaritas and everything in between.


Happy Hour runs 3-6pm with $.50 off all drinks!
The facts are simple, sometimes you splurge and drink whatever you want, sometimes you need to drink whatever you can afford. For those times in particular we have some tempting, and affordable, drink specials.  


Tall and stiff. Shaken, stirred, on-the-rocks or straight up. If martinis are your pleasure, Camp Ti is your place. Here, martini's are our specialty. They're free poured (like all of our spirits) and shaken and served tableside. You want it, we'll make it. You can get any kind of martini known to mankind, ranging from a Cosmopolitan to a Chocolate Kiss to a Classic Dry Martini. Don't forget to mention your choice of one of our many premium gins or vodkas.back to the top


If you're in the mood for a one-of-a-kind concoction that will curl your toes and make your eyes roll back in your head, experience one of our Camp Margarita's or our infamous Bloody Moose.

Camp Margarita - A connosseur's margarita made with fresh lime juice, top shelf tequila and liquors. Highly refreshing. Not overly sweet or underly strong. Served tableside, neat, in a salt-rimmed glass.

Bloody Moose - Absolut Peppar and Absolut Citron blended with our own Bloody Mary mix, for a classic bold and spicy cocktail. Served with a celery salt rimmed glass. Garnished with a bleu cheese stuffed olive and a slice of venison sausage.
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Whether it is Spanish Coffee, an Irish Coffee or whatever your taste buds crave, we make terrific-to-order coffee drinks with our bold coffee and intoxicating liquors.back to the top


It is evident by our generous pours and over-size wine glasses that wine is serious business at Camp Ti. With a distinct and interesting selection of wines, you'll have fun matching your wine with our food - and even more fun drinking it down.

  Corkage Fee - $30 (applies only to wine brought in by consumer)
 - Consumer must be 21 years of age.
 - Camp Ticonderoga charges a $30 corkage fee (per bottle).
 - Consumer must call ahead to notify Camp Ticonderoga.

 - Bottles cannot be larger than 750ml.
 - Bottles must be unopened.
 - Bottles must have a cork  No twist-off style caps.
 - Wine must be from a wine maker, not homemade.
 - One bottle of wine per two guests.
 - Consumer must remove any unopened bottles from premises.
 - Wines which Camp Ticonderoga carries cannot be brought in.

 - Consumer must purchase an entree.

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We have six different beers on tap at Camp Ticonderoga, and they can all be enjoyed either in a frosted pint or by the pitcher. We have state-of-the-art nitrogen dispensing system that keeps the beer fresh, cold and smooth. Our draft beer selection includes:

Miller Lite
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Labatt Blue
Hacker Pschorr
Bell's Seasonal
Warsteiner Dunkel

 The seasonal special beer changes from time to time respective of the current season. For example, in the summer we usually serve Bell's Oberon; in the fall we serve an Oktoberfest. Ask your server for this season's draft beer selection.back to the top


In addition to the six beers on tap, we offer a variety of bottled beers. So whatever your pleasure in fermented malt beverages, you can find it at Camp Ticonderoga.
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