Below, you'll find our Buffet, Luncheon & other Event menus (and our banquet contract).  Please contact us if you have any questions about any or our menus.

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Since we've opened, we've strived to make a name for ourselves as not just a restaurant and bar, but also as a place for large parties or small; going away celebrations or retirements; weddings or bridal showers; bar mitzvah's or bat mitzvah's; business meetings or business luncheons; whatever the event and whatever the size, we've always prided ourselves on being able to be flexible, accommodating and able to make our customers happy.

Since each party or banquet is always a little different, we provide a variety of different menu and seating options. Therefore, we will work very closely with whoever is planning your banquet, party or event to make sure you're happy and satisfied with having it at Camp Ticonderoga.

During the Christmas Holiday Season, we decorate Camp Ticonderoga magnificently, with garland, fresh poinsettia's, lights and it is all done in a classic and tasteful way, thereby enhancing any holiday event that you might have here.
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While an in-person tour of Camp Ticonderoga is really the only way to see the various seating configurations and unique and magnificent atmosphere, a basic building diagram may be helpful in organizing your thoughts and ideas for your banquet or party at Camp Ti.

Camp Ticonderoga is a 12,000 sq. foot building with five areas that can be segregated, to varying degrees.

Cocktail Area
The cocktail area is the area that you see when you immediately walk into the building. It is sided by the main bar. It can seat approximately 30 people depending on the type of party. This area is very good for socializing and appetizers, as it is more of a bar environment, and is a main traffic area for people not in the party who need to go to the bar or the restrooms.

Main Dining
The Main Dining area is the large center of the building, between the Cocktail Area and Lower Dining and The Hunt Room. This area has a fireplace and can accommodate up to 70 people. This area is good for luncheons and dinner options.

Lower Dining
This is adjacent to the soaring picture windows that overlook the golf course, and is accessed either a ramp or a two step stairway. This is a long rectangular area, with a massive fireplace, that can seat up to 45 people or breaks up nicely into small parties as well.

Hunt Room
This is the area to the right of Main Dining, and has lower ceiling and it's own separate full service bar and bathrooms. This can be a very private setting, and will seat up to 50 people. This area is good for just about any function, whether it's a cocktail party with appetizers or a full service dinner with linen and classic entrees.

The upstairs is one massive room, that can be accessed by either a stairway or a limited-access elevator. It has it's own private, full service bar, with up to 8 bar stools. This upstairs area can seat up to 120 people, and is a wide-open, bright and airy room.
Please contact us at 248-828-2825 for minimum #'s required to reserve this space.

Entire Building
Click Here  to see the building map
The entire building can be reserved for major functions, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and holiday events. Obviously there are many different configurations possible when renting out the entire building, and can be discussed on a case by case basis.

We have a massive parking lot, that can accommodate up to 350 cars. It is also possible to arrange for valet parking, if the event warrants it. The parking is well lit, and maintained.
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Bridal showers are one of our specialties at Camp Ticonderoga. In 2012 we did over 75 different bridal showers, ranging in size from 10 people to 150 people. We can accommodate a gift table, cake-cutting arrangements and punch.  Please contact a manager at 248-828-2825 for various shower options.


We hold numerous business luncheons and dinners at Camp Ticonderoga, and pride ourselves on being able to provide an enjoyable, efficient and high quality experience, regardless of the size of event.  Check out our sample menus for what would be appropriate for business luncheons and business dinners.


A number of different types of banquets, parties or events are more appetizers oriented, and we are easily able to provide a range of delicious options for your banquet needs.


Given our award-winning menu and high quality restaurant operation, it is easy to see that we are able to provide a range of different dinner options as appropriate for dinner events (wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, business dinners, birthday dinners, etc.).


While not every party wants to have dessert, once you've seen our delicious dessert options, you'll be likely to want to save room for them.


Obviously we are a full service restaurant, serving a wide variety of liquor, beer and wine; and are able to provide various bar options for your parties, ranging from full bar, to cash bar to beer & wine, and really everything in between. We have the flexibility to handle alcohol service a number of different ways, and all of our servers and managers are TIPS trained (alcohol server responsibility training) and certified.back to the top


Please call us as far in advance as possible, as we can book up very quickly. When you call, ask for Whitney or Shannon. If they are unavailable, you can either leave a voice mail, which will be promptly returned, or if you need to talk to someone right away, simply ask for the Shift Manager who is working at the time, and they will be able to answer your questions. Our phone number is (248) 828-2825.back to the top


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